At Designtra, we stand for quality in building materials. We source our products from the finest craftsmen around the globe, providing our clients with exclusive access to materials handcrafted in the Old World style, yet with all of the benefits of modern innovation. What that means for you is one source for world-renowned woods, terracotta, porcelain, stone and more. Whether it’s for a large commercial space or a personal residence, we have products to fit the specific needs of any project. Our team keeps up with all of the current building material trends and workmanship to assure you of the highest quality products every time.

World-Class Materials

Our wood is harvested from sustainable forests (FSC certified) around the globe—from the rich oaks of France to the white oaks of Siberia. We offer Italian terracotta tiles from Impruneta, the finest producers in the world. The Spanish are well known for their tile making, which is why we source our handmade ceramics from the beautiful coast of Valencia. We also have access to the top quarries in the world for a wide variety of stone materials.

Direct Delivery

Clients love how easy we make it to access these fine products. We have exclusive relationships with top-quality materials producers around the world and can have the materials you select shipped directly to your building site, greatly simplifying all time-consuming logistical issues. 

Speedy Efficiency, No Surprises

Using our proprietary shipping calculator, we eliminate budgetary overruns and delivery delays for our customers. Our innovative system – built in partnership with a leader in global logistics – generates an immediate, custom shipping price and transit time for each order. The bottom-line price includes all freight costs, customs fees, duties and applicable local taxes.

With our extensive network of suppliers, we have provided the highest quality building materials for some of the most ambitious and challenging construction projects in the world. We look forward to building the next one with you.